Business Development Consultant Kimberley Wahamaa  successfully develops businesses or brands across all levels of media with a proven track record as an event manager, sales and  marketing person.

Kimberley has honed her skills keeping current with all manner of business development using her unique client customer perspective.  Extensive experience in sales, marketing and media add to Kimberley’s commitment to success, allowing this proven performer to provide your business with real results.

A born multi-tasker, Kimberley has worked in busy urban centres, smaller towns and burgeoning rural areas. She has been a small business owner herself who appreciates and dedicates herself to understanding the needs of all types of businesses and brands.

Kimberley has embraced technological advances, using them to show results in a constantly changing business landscape. Not only web and tech savvy, Kimberley has worked on video projects, producing, coordinating video features and commercials and has even managed an office renovation project!

She is a member of the Ethics Committee at Finlandia Village.  She is a former member of the Coniston Community Action Network (Marketing & PR) and board member at St. Andrew's Place.

Whatever the challenge, Kimberley shows up with her passion, drive and commitment to succeed. She is a mentor, entrepreneur, a visionary humanitarian who turns her passions into realities working on causes that affect her and the community.